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Building a Stronger Community, One Investor At a Time

Move from owing to owning and join with your neighbors by investing in our community. #InvestCIT

The Community Investment Trust (CIT) is committed to fostering an empowered & thriving communities. With CIT, you have the chance to invest in real estate together, with contributions starting at $10 to $100 per month. We believe in working together to cultivate stronger, more resilient communities across the country.

Discover How Your Neighbors Are
Transforming Their Communities

Invest in the Community

Residents who live in

Designated Zip Codes are eligible to become investors in the local CIT project. Investors will have the opportunity to invest between $10 to $100 per month in the property and ultimately earn ownership in the building. Dividends are distributed yearly at a 2% minimum, with a chance to earn more based on the success of the building!

Shop With Us

The Pommer offers a variety of different stores and services, the majority of which are operated by local business owners. This historic building offers a unique community experience: take part in limited time pop-up events, shop and support small businesses, or participate in any of our locally hosted community gatherings.

Get a Spot in the Building

Individual and pop-up spaces are available for lease. CIT provides small and medium sized businesses the ability to operate in a single or shared space. Learn more while spaces last. For more information contact Sarah Stewart at

About CIT

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Exciting Ownership Opportunities

  • Begin investing and accumulate valuable assets

  • Receive an annual dividend of at least 2%

  • Watch your share value grow as property values increase and commercial mortgages are paid down

  • Grow your investment with built-in protection
    against loss


  • Enjoy the flexibility to cash out anytime, with a clear understanding of your sale price each year

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